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       Cressi-Sub USA

 XS Scuba

   H2 Odyssey   


(BCD) Buoyancy Control Device comes in many shapes and sizes for both men and women, but its main purpose is to help you control your buoyancy underwater and to provide a safe resting float at the surface.

Buoyancy is controlled with an single air bladder which is either positioned in the rear of the BCD or distributed (jacket-style). Rear lift BCDs allow A little more freedom of movement While diving but are harder to balance at the surface. The tank is secured to the BCD’s backpack with a strap and buckle. Backpacks can differ in their rigidity, but the main difference between backpacks is in their padding. 
Cold water diving calls for the use of thick wetsuits, both of which require ample lead to offset their buoyancy, and a BC with enough lift capacity to compensate for the loss of that buoyancy at depth. In contrast, warm water diving requires that a BC have little more than a place to strap the tank, hang your hoses and enough lift to float the diver and minimal weight.

Additional features:

Material weights from 400 to 1000 Denier Nylon. The higher the number means the more abrasion resistant.
BCs offer a variety of shoulder and waist adjustments to help you custom fit the BC to your body.

Single and Dual Tank band configurations.

Quick releases on the shoulders make for easy removal on the deck or in an emergency.

Weight integrated - conveniently and comfortably allows you to carry some of your lead in your BCD. One should still wear a standard weight belt as well with the integrated BC to lower the weight in the unit and to add better balance. This also reduces staff fatigue lifting and retrieving after dives.
A thoughtful diver will remove the weight pockets and hand them up to the boat rather than expecting staff to lift a heavy unit.

Clips & pockets - positioned to provide convenient access to lights, knives, writing tablets, etc

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