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Swiss-made case and mechanical components offer maximum reliability and functional precision.

The RGBM Mares-Wienke Algorithm, to reduce risks associated with the formation of micro-bubbles.

The inclusion of Deep Stops (decompression stops at greater depths) and an ascent rate readout, both analog and digital, make dives as safe as possible.

Extremely simple and intuitive. Features easy access to all functions, both as a watch and as a dive computer.

The only one with four dive modes: Air, Nitrox, Bottom Time, and Free-Dive (the special freediving function), to satisfy the most demanding divers.


The watch menu includes:

• Precise and convenient stopwatch with option for partial times.

• A second time setting, ideal for those who travel frequently.

Mechanical characteristics


Stainless steel Version

• AISI 316L stainless steel case


Titanium Version

• Titanium case

• Scratch-resistant mineral glass

• Steel buttons

• Hypoallergenic rubber strap

• Strap extension for use with dry suits


PC Interface (optional)

• IRIS. Optical via infrared, with RS232 serial adaptor


A cutting-edge dive computer and an elegant watch.

The best there is, in both your worlds.

Nemo is the most complete dive computer-watch in the world, offering all functions for dives with or without decompression. It can also be used for Nitrox mixtures.

For freediving enthusiasts, it also offers the special "free-dive" mode, specially designed to meet the needs of the most demanding deep divers.



Traditional dive functions

• Current depth / maximum depth achieved (on request)

• Dive time

• Safety stop

• Remaining no-decompression time at the current depth (no dec)

• Decompression stop times

• Total time to surface

• Water temperature

• Ascent rate in m/min. (ft./min.) with digital readout

• Ascent rate (as a percentage of the maximum permitted speed)

• Value for CNS O2 LIMIT % (in the case of Nitrox dives)

• Dive time in minutes and seconds (in bottom time mode)


Surface functions

• Surface time

• Log book for storing 50 dives in memory

• Profiles of the last 50 dives, at 20-second intervals (max. 38 hours)

• Desaturation time display (desat)

• Time-to-fly display (no fly)

• Calendar and clock function

• Air temperature

• Self-diagnosis

• Scrolling of no-stop times for planning repetitive dives




• No-decompression limit reached

• Excessively rapid ascent

• Omitted decompression stop

• Low battery

• Max permitted depth for the programmed PPO2 value (for Nitrox dives)

• "Deep Stop" depth achieved

Main special functions

• Setting of Air/Nitrox/Bottom time programs

• Setting of percentage O2 from 21% to 50%, in increments of 1%

• Setting of PPO2 max from 1.2 to 1.6 bar

• Four-level altitude function

• Option for more conservative programs to increase safety margins

• History of the total number of dives, the deepest dive logged, the lowest temperature measured underwater, and the total hours of diving

• Timer-controlled display lighting

• No loss of memory during battery change

• Function for clearing residual nitrogen memory

• Function for disabling audible alarms

• Fresh water / seawater setting (default fresh)

• Temperature display: Celsius (°C)/Fahrenheit (°F).

Technical characteristics

• Mares-Wienke RGBM Algorithm with Deep Stops

• Powered by a CR 2430 lithium 3V battery

• Quartz calendar clock

• Maximum operating depth: 150m/495 feet

• Operating temperature: from -10 to +50°C (14/122 °F)

• Storage temperature: from -20 to +70°C (-4/+158 °F)



During the dive

• Current depth

• Duration of the dive

• Water temperature

• Dive time in minutes and seconds


On the surface

• Surface time

• Water temperature

• Maximum depth reached during the

previous dive

• Total number of dives

• Dive time of the previous dive in minutes and seconds

• Main watch (upon request)

and seconds

• Main watch (upon request)


Alarms (can be deactivated, individually if desired)

• Max depth set

• Max dive time set

• Max surface time set

• Depth intervals set


Main special functions

• History of the total number of dives, the deepest dive logged, the lowest temperature measured underwater, and the total hours of diving

• Timer-controlled display lighting

• No loss of memory during battery change

• Fresh water / seawater setting (default fresh)

• Logbook facility for storing 102 dive minutes in memory

• Dive data organized by sessions

• Dive profiles at 4-seconds intervals (max. 102 minutes)



• Quartz calendar clock

• Second time setting

• Precision stopwatch with option for partial times

• Outside temperature

• Alarm clock

• Time signal (programmable)

• Timer-controlled display lighting


Mares NEMO
Wrist Watch Computer
Stainless Steel Version

Price $425.00




Citizen Hyper Aqua land Professional Diving Watch
Citizen Model MA9024-24E

Includes Personal Computer Interface for Microsoft Windows ® with the following features:
  • Transfer Dive Log Data to PC with Included Interface
  • Display and/or Print Dive Data and Graph
  • Record Diver Name, Buddy Name, Date Location and Notes
  • Retrieve Dive Profiles by Date and Diver Name

Diving Features on Watch:

  • Depth Display and Memory - Current and Maximum (to 260 feet)
  • Water Temperature Display and Memory - Current and Minimum
  • Dive Log Memory for up to 30 Dives
  • Dive Start, Finish and Elapsed-Time Memory (to 199 minutes)
  • Depth and Temperature Log
  • Alarms for Ascent Rate, Low Battery Display or Sensor Errors
  • Air Temperature Display while Above Water
  • Measures Elapsed Surface Time After Dive for Safety
  • Screw-Back Case
  • Water Resistant to 200 Meters

Hyper Aqua land includes interface unit, software and complete instructions. Personal computer, cable and printer not included. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Price $ 399.99

Citizen Hyper Aqua land Pro Divers Watch
Citizen Model MA9024-24E


Citizen Promaster Cyber Aqua land NX Nitrox Dive Computer Watch
Citizen Model MG1010-08E

Introducing the Promaster Cyber Aqua land NX,
Citizen's new professional Nitrox Wrist Dive Computer

Watch Features

  • Fully Automatic Calendar
  • Alarm
  • Destination Timer
  • 1/100th Second Chronograph (up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 99)
  • Countdown Timer from 99 Minutes to 1 Minute in 1 Minute increments
  • World Time (up to 30 cities across 48 time zones)
  • Electro-Luminescence Backlighting
  • All Stainless Steel case
  • 200 Meter Water-Resistant

Nitrox-Specific Features:

  • O2 % Setting (22-50%) by 1% increment
  • Maximum PO2 Warning (1.6 Fixed)
  • Oxygen Toxication Time OTT Calculation and Warning
  • Alarms sound for all Nitrox warnings

Dive Computer Features:

  • Full Decompression Data using DCIEM Model
  • Dive Log memory for up to 100 dives
  • Depth display and memory - current and max - up to 266 feet
  • Alarms for Ascent Rate, Depth Alarm, Maximum Depth and Nitrox warnings
  • Water temperature display and memory - current and minimum
  • Dive start, finish and elapsed-time memory (up to 199 minutes)
  • Depth & Water Temperature Log
  • Water temperature display (-10C to 40c)
  • Calculation of No Fly Time and Residual Body Nitrogen
  • Surface interval measurement
  • Automatic altitude adjustment
  • Battery life indicator


    Price $ 549.99
    Citizen Model Ng 1010-08E Promaster Cyber Aqua land NX Nitrox Dive Computer Watch


Suunto Mosquito-Pro Dive Computer with PC Interface

  • Advanced dive computer with full decompression capability
  • Complete dive functions
  • Dive planning
  • Extensive memory functions
  • Profile recording every 20 seconds for SCUBA
  • Dive alarms (maximum depth, dive time)
  • Nitrox mode for use with 21-50% oxygen
  • Adjustable PO2 limit 1.2-1.6 bar
  • Free diving mode with separate profile memory
  • Accurate depth and time recording
  • 12/24 hour time display
  • Dual time function
  • Date
  • Daily alarm
  • Timer/stopwatch
  • Water resistance up to 330 ft
  • User replaceable battery
  • Electroluminescent illumination
  • Dive logbook capacity: 36 hours
  • PC-interface compatible with SUUNTO Dive Manager

Suunto no longer allows dive products such as the Mosquito to be sold directly on the web by its authorized retailers - not even the retail price can be listed, according to their policy - we realize, you the customer, may find this inconvenient, and we do apologize.  Of course, we still stock and sell the Mosquito through our store. Please call us toll-free at 888-547-3483  for complete information on the Suunto Mosquito.

Citizen Titanium Aqua land Duplex Pro Diving Watch with Titanium Band
Citizen Model JP104009TB

  One of our most popular diving watches is now available with a titanium bracelet -- your, our customers requested it, and now it's available!
  • Underwater Depth Display Down to 260 Feet
  • Second Display for Maximum Depth, Dive Time, Water Temperature
  • 4-Dive Memory of Important Dive Date
  • Auto-Start Dive Module
  • Rapid Ascent Warning Signal
  • One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
  • Screw-Back Case and Screw-Down Crown
  • Water Resistant to 200 Meters
  • Solid Titanium Case is Hypoallergenic and 40% Lighter than Stainless Steel
  • Solid Titanium band has a two position expansion bracelet to wear with or without wetsuit
  • Patented Multi-Layer Coating Resists Scratching

Designed/Sized for: Men   $549.00

Price $ 549.99
Citizen Titanium Aqua land Duplex Pro Diving Watch with Titanium Band
Citizen Model JP104009TB


Citizen Ladies Eco-Drive Professional Diver
Citizen Model EP0220-11H


Now available again in a ladies model due to many requests, the Eco-Drive Professional Diver is a good basic diving watch, with the convenience of light powered technology. No batteries to change means you eliminate the inconvenience and cost of having the watch serviced and pressure-tested when batteries are changed.
  • 60-Day Power Reserve Charges in Sunlight, indoors, and even underwater!
  • One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
  • Low Charge Indicator
  • Time Reset Advisory
  • Quick Start
  • Date
  • Screw-Back Case and Screw-Down Crown
  • Water-Resistant to 200 Meters

  • Designed/Sized for: Women


Price $ 299.99

Citizen Ladies Eco-Drive Professional Diver
Citizen Model EP0220-11H



Citizen Eco-Drive Aqua land Stainless Steel Diving Watch
Citizen Model BJ2000-09E

A new standard of convenience in diving watches, with no batteries to change, ever. Standard quartz diving watches require periodic battery changes. With a diving watch, this will necessitate having the watch pressure-checked, resulting in extra service costs and delays while the watch is sent out.
  • 60-Day Power Reserve Charges in Sunlight or Indoors
  • Depth Display to 125 feet
  • Maximum Depth Memory
  • One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
  • 50-Minute Chronograph
  • 12-24 Hour Time
  • Advanced Low Charge Indicator
  • Date
  • Screw-Back Case and Screw Down Crown
  • Water Resistant to 200 Meters
    Designed/Sized for: Men



Price $ 389.99
Eco-Drive Aqua land Stainless Steel Diving Watch
Citizen Model BJ2000-09E



Seiko Diver's Automatic 200M - Stainless Bracelet
Seiko Model SKXA33

  • 21 jewel automatic, self-winding mechanical movement
  • Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet
  • Can be set to display day in English or Spanish
  • Unidirectional rotating elapsed time bezel
  • Screw down locking crown
  • 200 Meter water resistant
  • LumiBrite hands, markers and bezel

Designed/Sized for: Men



Price $ 449.99
Seiko Diver's Automatic 200M - Stainless Bracelet
Seiko Model SKXA33


Swiss Invicta Rolex
If you ever dreamed of owning the Rolex Submariner but lacked the $5000.00 to buy one well here is the same movement and quality in a dive watch you will love and people will admire. It is the Rolex under a different label made with the exact jeweled movement in Japan. I have one and just love it. 5 year warranty.
Capt Dave

Product Specifications

Watch Information
Model number: 8926
Crystal material: mineral-crystal-with-magnifier
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 43 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: mens-standard
Dial color: black
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Movement: automatic
Calendar: date
Water Resistant Depth: 660 feet


Price $ 159.99
Invicta Rolex
Diver's Automatic 660M -
Stainless Bracelet

Invicta  Model 8926



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