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Citizen Dive Watch Computer


Computers & Gauges

Computers offer the diver a much more convenient way of monitoring decompression limits. Computers have invaded nearly every aspect of life and sport diving is no exception. Dive computers calculate nitrogen loading according to the diver's depth and time, allowing a profile that is much more flexible than the square profiles provided by dive tables. Today's computers display current depth, maximum depth, dive time, Water Temperature, Safe ascent and decent rates with visual and audible warnings, Surface Intervals, Dive planning, When its safe to fly in an airplane, Corrections for altitude, Air integrated units calculate you air consumption, and all record the dive information for recall later in a log book mode. Some computers require that the user pushes a button to activate while others activate automatically when you enter the water. Some are PC downloadable while others just store the log in memory. Some models have a Compass mounted. Computers go into a sleep mode or turn off if not used within a certain period of time. Most of today's models allows for the diver to change his own batteries. computers also help you to maximize your bottom time by taking advantage of multilevel dive calculations. Perhaps most importantly, dive computers can decrease the risk of decompression sickness because they account for difficult (and sometimes impossible) manual calculations which result from yo-yo dives, multiple dives, quick ascents, varied physical effort and water temperatures. Computers can be mounted in a console, on the wrist in a wrist boot, or on the hose in a hose boot. How a computer is mounted is dependent on the divers preference and the computer’s configuration. Some models have a pressure gauge integrated into the unit.. These computers are able to display the amount of remaining air and calculate how long your air will last based on current breathing rate.

Nitrox computers offer all the same features as the air computers, but also allow the use of Oxygen Enriched Air. Once a diver's Nitrox is programmed in the computer, decompression limits are adjusted accordingly. Warnings communicate to the diver nitrogen loading and oxygen limits for the present Nitrox at any given point of time during the dive.

It is wise to realize that today's computers although very good are all based on mathematical models and are therefore not a perfect solution . Decompression Theory is not a defined science and is influenced by many variables . The future of computers is expanding rapidly and our future models will be able to program in a divers age, weight, sex, etc. all values which today's models cannot do. Already we have computers that are visible in a heads up system that displays information in the divers mask. These units are very reliable.  It is prudent to keep track and to even consider a redundant system so that if your computer fails or the batteries go down you can still collect the information you need and to calculate standard tables as well, as you use the convience of your computer.

Analog and Digital Gauges of today are very accurate and provide the necessary information needed to monitor air supply bottom times depths and navigation with compass. They come in single units to multiple configurations. Many are made in plastic cases and the better ones are still made in brass cases. They vary in the amount of depth units and psi units. Digital units require batteries. Some gauges are user adjustable.


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