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The first and still inimitable new-generation full face mask. Perfect visibility thanks to its bellow shape face seal, Soft inner orina-seal ; quick release six adjustable straps harness. Controlled air flow avoiding misting of the visor. The competitive price, simplicity and the ease of maintenance of the mask allows long-lasting use and efficiency, thanks to our technical assistance and the supply of a complete range of spare parts. This mask meets the requirements of En-136 and are CE Marked. The Ocean Reef Gas Mask can be used with threaded filters in compliance with En-14-1 (DIN 3183) and the airlines.

SGE 150 Gas Mask + 1 Filter $148.00
Additional Filters $34.00






Ocean Reef SGE-150
Gas Mask Includes 1 Multi-purpose Filter

Price $ 148.99


Multi-Purpose Filters
Gas Mask

Price $34.99


Technopro Gas Mask now Available
Here is some information about the personal protection masks.
We have masks on the way from Ocean Reef (Distributor) to use and some literature.
Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with.
SGE 150 is similar to Neptune II full face diving mask and Guarantees full protection. During a
contamination the eye protection is quite important to escape blindness (viewing) and absorption. The
filter is a multipurpose filter.

Technical characteristics are reported in the catalogues that are enclosed in the
delivery, however let me explain a couple of simple points.

This equipment
is necessary in case of contamination (chemical, bacteriological, dust...).
People must wear the FULL-FACE mask with the Multi-purpose filter screwed on and with the
filter front port open. The mask/filter will allow your exhale to escape.
The duration of filter depends by the contamination density. Some companies
declare 6-8 hours but it is a very imprecise information. Everything
depends by the contamination concentration.

Our mask blocks the following:

Biological and Chemical Weapons:
What they are and what they can do
Called the "poor man's weapons of mass destruction," biological and
chemical weapons are, unlike nuclear arms, relatively easy to produce,
hide, and use. Our chart lists some of the more menacing biological and
chemical weapons, how they work and what they can do.
What is it? Bacteria with spore-forming rods; likes to live in the soil
how it works: Humans become infected by coming into contact with spores,
either by touch or inhalation. The spore then produces a toxin that can be
fatal. The incubation period for inhalation anthrax is 1-6 days.
Lethal amount: One billionth of a gram (the size of a speck of dust)
How long can it survive? Tends to degrade rapidly in sunlight; if kept in
the right environmental conditions, anthrax can survive for years.
Symptoms: Flu-like symptoms, high fever, fatigue and cough. Shock and death
can occur within 24-36 hours of the onset of severe symptoms.
Treatment: Antibiotics, including penicillin
Prevention: Vaccine & Gas mask

What is it? Bacterium develops only in the absence of oxygen.
How it works: By inhalation. Botulinum neurotoxins generally kill by the
relatively slow onset (hours to days) of respiratory failure. The individual
may not show signs of disease for 24-72 hours. The toxin blocks biochemical
action in the nerves that activate the muscles necessary for respiration,
causing suffocation.
Lethal amount: One billionth of a gram
how long can it survive? Relatively short life after its released
Symptoms: Dizziness, dry throat, blurred vision.
Treatment: Anti-toxins can be injected soon after exposure to a lethal dose
of toxin
Prevention: Gas mask, protective clothing

What is it? VX, considered one of the most lethal chemical weapons, is a
colorless and odorless liquid that turns into a gas on contact with oxygen.
How it works: VX is primarily toxic through the skin, but can also prove
fatal when inhaled. VX is fast moving, virtually undetectable, and can
spread through air as well as water. In its liquid state it is roughly the
same density as water. It blocks the transmission of impulses along the
central nervous system, causing convulsions, respiratory paralysis, and
Lethal amount: 10 mg (just a drop)
Symptoms: Increased salivation, coughing, runny nose, headache and nausea.
Prevention: Gas mask, protective clothing

what is it? Mustard gas is in its pure state a colorless, odorless liquid,
but when mixed with other chemicals, it looks brown and has a garlic-like
How it works: Inhaling the vapor causes painful, long-lasting blisters all
over the body.
Symptoms: Itchy skin, watery eyes and burning sensation in lungs. The
long-term effects on an individual may include chronic lung impairment,
chest pain and cancer of the mouth, throat, respiratory tract, and skin. It
has been linked to causing leukemia and birth defects.
Prevention: Gas masks

what is it? Sarin is a highly toxic gas that attacks the central nervous
How it works: It is chiefly absorbed through the respiratory tract; can be
absorbed through the skin at higher environmental temperatures. Depending
upon concentration of Sarin, toxicity can occur within minutes.
Lethal amount: 100 milligrams
Symptoms: In low levels, it causes severe headaches, increased salivation
and constrict air passages to the lungs. In higher doses, it causes
coughing, increased perspiration, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and breathing
difficulties. Death can follow due to suffocation.
Prevention: Gas mask

Captain Dave


Bin Laden’s other threats Group has tried to develop chemical, biological weapons

Sept. 27 — Osama bin Laden’s global terrorist network has been trying for some time to acquire materials necessary for chemical, biological and even nuclear weapons and may possess the capability to conduct a crude attack with chemical or biological agents, according to U.S. intelligence officials.

BUT THE CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies acknowledge that they have little hard evidence that bin Laden’s network, al Qaeda, has acquired or developed chemical or biological agents or successfully created weapons from the materials that could kill large numbers of people.

One intelligence official, however, said this week that bin Laden "has the capability to conduct a crude chemical or biological weapon attack. I don’t know what the lethality of his agent would be, but he would know how to get it together." Another intelligence official said this assessment is based on "intelligence that shows they have tried to obtain information and material that would be useful in that kind of attack."

CIA Director George J. Tenet has warned repeatedly about the threat of a terrorist attack involving chemical or biological weapons.

Testimony from the trial of four bin Laden operatives convicted earlier this year in the August 1998 bombing of two U.S. embassies in East Africa leaves little doubt that bin Laden has been serious about acquiring chemical weapons and nuclear material, officials said.
At the trial, the government’s star witness, Jamal Ahmed Fadl, a former al Qaeda member, testified that he received a $10,000 bonus for negotiating with a Sudanese military officer who offered to sell uranium to al Qaeda for $ 1.5 million. Fadl said he did not know whether the deal was consummated.
He also testified that a fellow al Qaeda member told him the group was trying to help Sudan’s ruling National Islamic Front manufacture chemical weapons for use in a civil war against Christian forces in the country’s south.
CIA Director George J. Tenet has warned repeatedly about the threat of a terrorist attack involving chemical or biological weapons. He has testified before Congress over the past two years that bin Laden has declared the acquisition of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons a "religious duty" and trained his operatives to conduct attacks with toxic chemicals and biological toxins.
Gordon C. Oehler, former director of the CIA’s Nonproliferation Center, called the chemical and biological threat "a grave concern." But he said that any such attack by al Qaeda would probably be no more effective than the crude sarin gas attack staged by Aum Shinrikyo, an apocalyptic Japanese cult, that killed a dozen commuters on the Tokyo subway in 1995.
"You don’t have to cause a lot of damage to create a lot of panic," Oehler said. "I used to get reports about this country or that country was getting hold of [nuclear] material. Your first tendency is to dismiss it, but you can’t. And the same thing is true of what’s going on now."
Other experts on chemical and biological weapons, while hardly dismissive of the threat, said this week in interviews that they remain skeptical about al Qaeda’s chemical and biological capabilities, given the enormous technical and scientific hurdles that must be cleared to "weaponize" chemical or biological agents.
Those hurdles, the experts said, would have made it very difficult for the terrorist hijackers who attacked the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to have carried out chemical or biological attacks using crop-dusting airplanes.

Federal officials have discovered that some of the hijackers had studied crop-dusting and downloaded a significant amount of information on the topic from the Internet. They have also charged 20 people with fraudulently obtaining licenses to haul hazardous materials, including some who may have had links to the hijackers.
Raymond A. Zilinskas, a microbiologist and senior scientist at the Monterrey Institute of International Studies, questioned whether al Qaeda or other terrorist possess the scientific capability to produce virulent pathogens or nerve gas in sufficient quantities to kill large numbers of people.
Even if they could, he said, they would still need to possess formidable engineering capability to modify a crop duster’s spray nozzles and air pressure equipment to produce a mist fine enough to be lethal.

Zilinskas said that al Qaeda conceivably could recruit scientists capable of producing a small quantity of a nerve agent such as Sarin or VX. It could also conceivably obtain a virulent strain of anthrax from Iraq, which is known to possess the biological agent, or somehow steal or acquire it from one of 400 cell culture collections known to exist outside the United States, he said.
But if anything, Zilinskas and other experts said, the Aum Shinrikyo experience in Tokyo shows just how difficult it would be for al Qaeda to do either — even before it took on the challenge of weaponizing chemical or biological substances.
In a recent report, "Ataxia: The Chemical and Biological Terrorism Threat and the U.S. Response," Amy E. Smithson, who directs the Chemical and Biological Weapons Nonproliferation Project at the Henry L. Stimson Center, writes that Aum Shinrikyo was by almost any standard "a terrorist nightmare." It recruited graduate students and scientists and spent $30 million on its chemical weapons program, she writes, but despite its efforts, the group never succeeded in mastering spraying technology and ended up dispersing the impure sarin that it finally did create by poking holes in plastic bags.
In his recent book, "Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy," Paul R. Pillar, former deputy chief of the CIA’s Counter terrorist Center, writes that the chemical and biological capabilities of bin Laden and other terrorists are "impossible to gauge with anything approaching precision." He concludes that they have most likely been overstated, given the inherent difficulties in producing so-called weapons of mass destruction.
But Pillar, now the CIA’s national intelligence officer for the Near East and South Asia region, calls the threat real and dangerous, partly because information about how to construct such weapons is "exponentially expanding" on the Internet.

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