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Scuba Tanks

Using the correct cylinder is just as important to a divers success and safety as how they configure their gear. A diver may go to an enormous effort to insure every hose, reel and accessory is exactly right only to "drop the ball" by making the wrong cylinder choice. We  bring  you scuba cylinders from the leading tank manufacturers in the world - Luxfer and Faber - so you can not only get it done, but can get it done right. No tank is perfect for every diver or every diving situation, .We are a  Authorized Seller  for Luxfer & Faber scuba Cylinders offering the most complete selection of cylinders in the industry allowing you to choose what is best for your unique needs. Further we only sell new tanks in current hydro. You won't ever receive a new tank from us with a hydro 2 years old. So watch out for some of those cheaper buys as your getting a less than new un-used tank.

Basic characteristics
 Aluminum - a lightweight and inexpensive material that may produce a dramatic buoyancy shift from full to empty.  This buoyancy shift, however, can be advantageous for divers wearing wetsuits.   Because divers rarely carry a redundant buoyancy control device, a wetsuit clad diver could find them self unable to swim to the surface if wearing heavy steel tanks and their BCD failed.  In contrast, a diver using an aluminum tank would be equipped with enough detachable weight to make an escape to the surface.  Aluminum cylinders are the most commonly used tanks in recreational diving and are the choice of technical and cave divers for use as stage and decompression bottles.  The average working pressure of aluminum cylinders is 3000 psi. 

LP Steel
- heavier than aluminum tanks they require lower working pressures while providing a larger gas capacity.  When diving with these tanks less weight is needed, making them perfect for divers that use dry suits.  The most popular tank for Nitrox and cave diving, they have a strong following among technical divers everywhere.  The average working pressure is 2400 psi.

HP Steel
- heavier than aluminum these cylinders use higher working pressures to provide a large capacity in a small size.  Like their low pressure steel cousins less weight is needed with these tanks.  A favorite with wreck divers along the East coast of the United States, the average working pressure is 3500 psi. Not recommended for Nitrox.

The Tank Specification link below lists all of the cylinders available from Diver Discount Catalog,  thirty-two in all! This is the largest selection available from a single source.  Specifications have been provided by the manufacturers to aid you in the selection of the prefect tanks for your needs.

All cylinders are provided with a single outlet valve and are prepared for Nitrox service, visually inspected and shipped with a current hydrostatic date. Cylinders are also available without valves upon request.

is the leading manufacturer of steel scuba tanks in the world and is the market leader in Europe where diving with steel cylinders is the norm. Faber's cylinders are manufactured from deep drawn Chromium Molybdenum steel plates to DOT and TC specifications. This process results in a light tank with the right buoyancy allowing the diver to reduce the amount of weight from their weight-belt. The interior of the cylinders are shot-blasted followed by their exclusive phosphatized coating which creates a perfectly cleaned internal surface, highly resistant to rust. The exterior of the cylinder is triple protected with zinc spraying, epoxy primer coat and polyurethane finish coat for durability. Abysmal Diving carries the most extensive selection of sizes starting with a 45 cubic foot all the way up to a 120 cubic foot cylinder. Faber cylinders are available in both 8 inch diameter LP 2400 psi rated cylinders as well as their compact 7.25 inch 3120 psi rated cylinder. 

The difference between Pressure & Volume -One should  note that the pressure of a tank is not a measure of the volume of a tank. For example, most aluminum tanks, from the smallest 13 Cu Ft. pony bottle to an 80 cu ft tank, have a fill pressure of 3000 psi. For a 13 cu ft bottle, this means at 3000 psi the tank contains 13 cu ft of air. For an 80 cu ft bottle this means at 3000 psi the tank contains 80 cu ft of air. Tanks come in different combinations of volumes and fill pressures but the cubic foot (cu ft) volume is the measure of how much air a tank holds at a specific pressure.


 Spare Air is the preferred choice of both professional and sport divers for a very good reason:
It saves lives.

Click on the below link to see what tanks we have available and there specifications.

Tank Specifications

Shipping Expense

The actual cost of shipping your cylinder depends on the size of tank, the weight, and the destination. The actual UPS costs of the freight will be added to your invoice. There will therefore be two charges on your credit card. One for the tank and one for the freight.  This will cover all variables including insurance and guaranteed delivery. The cost ranges from $19.00 West Coast to $34.00 East Coast. We ship from the warehouse in Lake Havasue, Arizona and the Luxfer warehouse in Los Angeles. There is no longer a shipping point on the east coast.

Popular Aluminum Bottles


Luxfer Aluminum 
(Air and Nitrox Ready)
S-6    S-13   S-19

Price $ 122.99

Color:      S-6 Pony Bottle Includes K Valve
Tank Size: S-6 cu ft.

Price $ 130.99

Color:      S-13 Pony Bottle  Includes K Valve
Tank Size: S-13 cu ft.                            
(Air and Nitrox Ready)

Price $ 136.99

Color:      S-19 Pony Bottle Includes K Valve
Tank Size: S-19 cu ft.


Aluminum 30  40  50  63  80 and
Aluminum 100 The Big one
(Air and Nitrox Ready)

Price $ 175.99

Color:      S-80 Bottle by Luxfer
Tank Size: S-80 cu ft.                    
Includes K Valve
(Air and Nitrox Ready)

Price $ 299.99

Color:      S-100 The Big One by Luxfer
Tank Size: S-100 cu ft.                    Includes K Valve
(Air and Nitrox Ready)

Price $ 175.99 One low price for each

Color:        Luxfer Aluminum 
                                                                 S-30  S-40  S-50   S-63

Tank Size:         Select Tank Size-all come with K Valve.
(Air and Nitrox Ready)

Low Pressure  (Faber) Tanks

Note we carry the Faber full line. If you do not see the size you want call us and we can quote you.

Other Faber LP tanks available (CF 12,19,45,85,95,108,120)



Price $ 310.99
LP-85 +
Low Pressure Faber 2400 PSI. (White)
Negative Buoyant 
Includes Boot & K Valve
Nitrox Ready

Tank Size:                              LP-85 +cu ft.
Faber 2400 PSI with  K valve

Price $ 320.99
LP-95 +
  Low Pressure Faber 2400 PSI. (White)
 Negative Buoyant 
Includes Boot & K Valve
Nitrox Ready

Tank Size:                               LP-95 + cu ft.
Faber 2400 PSI with  k Valve


High Pressure Steel (Faber) Tanks

HP Faber tanks available



High Pressure Steel (Faber) White.3500PSI
Negative Buoyancy
Includes Boot & Din Valve
Nitrox Ready

Price $ 410.99
Steel (Faber) White  3500PSI +

Tank Size:         HP-80 cu ft.        
Includes Boot & Din Valve

HP-100 +
  High Pressure Steel (Faber) White 3500PSI. Neutral Buoyancy
Includes boot & Din Valve
Nitrox Ready

Price $ 420.99
Steel (Faber) White  3500PSI +

Tank Size:            HP-100 cu ft.      
Includes boot & Din Valve

HP-120 +
 High Pressure Steel (Faber) White .3500PSI 
+1 Buoyancy
Includes Boot
Nitrox Ready

Price $ 459.99
Steel (Faber) White  3500PSI +

Tank Size:             HP-120 cu ft.   
Includes boot & Din Valve


 Spare Air is the preferred choice of both professional and sport divers for a very good reason:
It saves lives.

 Self-contained. Refillable. A total redundant back-up miniature SCUBA system. In case of emergency, Spare Air provides you with enough air to safely get back to the surface. Even if you never use Spare Air, it's always there as your backup

The ultimate alternate air source is also the ultimate buddy system! It allows for minimal interaction with your diving buddy, has been proven to be faster than buddy breathing and
easier than an octopus. Spare Air is the answer in out-of-air emergencies.

*Tested and Approved by US NAVY
*CE Certified

For information and buying options on the spare air click here.


With over 70 years of manufacturing experience, Abyss-Thermo Valves full line of scuba diving valves include the K, 300 Bar DIN, 200 Bar DIN/K, H Connector, Twin and Nitrox series to satisfy all diver’s needs. From the triple coated polished chrome finish to the Teflon coated high pressure seat assembly, all Abyss-Thermo scuba valves are precision engineered for optimum performance and extreme dependability. The Abyss-Thermo scuba valve is known world wide for safe and reliable operation to insure that your regulator will perform at its peak

Abyss Cylinder Valves
All Abyss-Thermo valves come clean and ready for oxygen service, including Viton O-rings and oxygen compatible lubricant.

Standard "K" Valve
the industry standard for yoke style regulators. 
Standard 3/4-14NGS thread

the industry standard for DIN style regulators. Standard 7/8-14 UNF  or 3/4-14 NGS thread for LP or HP tanks

K-valve Nitrox
the industry standard for Nitrox dedicated cylinders for yoke style regulators. Standard 3/4-14NGS thread. Bright Green valve knob.


200 bar convertible Isolation Manifold. 
This  manifold system is unique in that the valve openings can be fitted with either DIN or Yoke style regulators. The Isolation manifold fits to the left and right valves sealing with a double barrel o-ring which allows superior safety. The 200 bar valves come in Standard 3/4-14NGS thread to fit all LP steel and aluminum scuba cylinders.


200 Bar H-valve. 
This valve attaches to the 200bar convertible valve to form a single tank dual-outlet valve allowing two first stage regulators to be mounted for redundancy. This configuration is standard for cavern, intro to cave and for large capacity single tanks for open ocean diving. Available in left or right positions

300 bar Isolation manifold. 
The Isolation manifold fits to the left and right valves sealing with a double barrel o-ring which allows superior safety. The 300 bar valves come in Standard 3/4-14NGS thread to fit all LP steel and aluminum scuba cylinders and 7/8-14 UNF for High Pressure 3500 psi cylinders as well .


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